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New nationwide collective agreement for the IT service sector




The result of the collective agreement negotiations for the IT service sector was reached today, 2 January 2022. The new collective agreement will enter into force once it has been signed by the negotiating parties.

It is noteworthy that the new collective agreement will only apply to employees of member companies of the Technology Industry Employers Association. The Technology Industry Employers’ Association has not yet published a list of its member companies. In this situation, we urge our members to check with their employer to see if the company is a member of an employers’ association.

There were no major changes to the text. The most significant change can be considered to be the possibility of investing regular working hours on Sundays as well. In the past, Sunday work has only been possible in uninterrupted shifts or overtime.

Uninterrupted two-shift work is also possible under the new agreement.

Standby, telephone call compensation and emergency work were bundled under the same section and are negotiated primarily locally. At the same time, the collective agreement provisions in these sections were harmonized.

The progress of the family leave reform and the co-operation law reforms and their effects on the collective agreement will be monitored by a working group.

In addition, the working group will explore the possibility of moving to a five-day holiday week in a cost-neutral manner and experimenting with it alongside existing collective bargaining provisions.

The salary solution was agreed for 2022, and the option in the agreement is to negotiate next year’s increases in the autumn.

The salary adjustment is similar to previous years. Salary adjustments are first negotiated locally. If no local agreement is reached, the employer implements a cost-effective salary solution of 1.8% in accordance with the company’s wage policy, increasing the wage and fringe benefits of each employee by at least 0.9%. The increases will come in March 2022.

The minimum wage tables will be increased by 1.8%.

– An agreement is always a compromise. It was important for us that the lowest salaries be increased with the full cost effect and that a salary board is involved in the salary solution, says Minna Anttonen, YTN tietoala’s chief negotiator.

– In the changed labor market situation, the agreement is satisfactory, says Jyrki Kopperi, Chairman of Tietoala ry. Of course, we hope that companies in the sector will do what they have said in public and offer better promotions and better working conditions in the workplace

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