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YTN’s organisation

The decision-making power of the Federation of Professional and Managerial Staff YTN belongs to YTN’s meeting, and YTN’s Executive Board acts as the executive body. YTN unions will appoint their own representatives for them.

YTN:n organisaatio

  • The Steering Committee and the Coordination Group (KRD) are the preparatory bodies of the Executive Board.
  • The preparatory groups are expert groups in different fields consisting of the representatives of the YTN unions.
  • The duty of the background group is to function as the expert group in issues concerning its own field. The group consists of shop stewards, contact persons and other active people in the field.
  • The workplace level lobbyists are staff associations, shop stewards, occupational safety representatives and individual members.

The administration periods (Executive Board, preparatory and background groups) last two years. The regular meeting in autumn elects the Executive Board for YTN every two years, and the Executive Board confirms the composition of the preparatory groups.

The YTN unions will appoint persons to various duties. The YTN actors, in other words the employees of member unions, are responsible for daily operations in the contract fields and in the preparatory groups as directed by the administration.

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