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Staff associations

What are staff associations and what do they do?

Staff associations are a part of senior salaried employees’ lobbying, but they also have a significant role in increasing the sense of community within senior salaried employees at a workplace. A staff association may operate at unit, company or group level.

The goal of the staff associations is to boost the local lobbying of senior salaried employees. They provide support and a sparring partner to shop stewards as well as arrange events and happenings that interest their members.

Staff associations may also actively seek to increase the trade union membership level by acquiring new members to YTN unions.

For what are staff associations needed?
The local unionising of senior salaried employees facilitates the handling of their employment matters. With the help of staff associations, matters negotiated at the workplace can be discussed equally and openly among the entire personnel group.

A staff association represents all senior salaried employees at the workplace who belong to YTN’s member unions and are members of the staff association. If the workplace besides a staff association also has representatives of senior salaried employees, a staff association is a good way to collect the representatives’ experiences and views together.

When a better picture is obtained from the company, better agreements can be made with the help of a staff association and implement comprehensive lobbying.

When a staff association recruits a new senior salaried employee of the company, the staff association should also make sure that the employee updates their workplace and contact information in the member register of their own union.