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YTN’s operation

YTN is a federation of unions, which has 19 Akava unions as members. Through them, we represent 170,000 experts and superiors in different fields. YTN acts as the cooperation body for its unions. The unions set goals for the operation and monitor their implementation. The member associations decide on YTN’s administration.

We work for the good working life of all senior salaried employees and take care of our members’ labour market lobbying.


• YTN is a visible, well-known, strong and influential labour market organisation, both towards its members, contract partners and other public society.
• YTN is a trustworthy, competent and respected collective labour agreement partner.
Field or company-specific collective labour agreements concluded by YTN are applied to all senior salaried employees. Salary increases and other terms and conditions of the employment relationship agreed in them correspond to the members’ needs.
• Good preconditions have been created for local negotiation and contract operation based on collective labour agreements.
• YTV has an encompassing local shop steward and staff association network, and it has a good and up-to-date connection with its members in different fields. The shop stewards’ level of expertise is high.
• YTN is internally strong, committed to joint goals, and it complies with organisation democracy.
Read more of our strategy here.

The shop steward networks of senior salaried employees (contact person, elected representative) form the basis for the contract-specific lobbying (background group work). Company-specific associations and shop stewards implement local-level lobbying. YTN’s expert groups (preparatory groups) are formed by the competent personnel of the unions. Read more about our organisation.


We are responsible for the contractual work within Akava in the industry and service sectors. We conclude collective labour agreements with the member unions of the Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK) and make company-specific agreements.
Currently we have over 30 national or company-specific collective labour agreements. Among other things, sick leave payment, holiday pay, family leave, flexibility of working hours, possibilities to save annual leave, shop steward system and negotiation and mediation processes supplementing the Finnish Working Hours Act have been agreed on in YTN’s agreements.