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Political demonstrations

On 19 January 2024, Akava decided to take action due to the cuts to working life entered into the country’s Government Programme. Since the autumn, other employee unions and trade unions in various industries have also organised demonstrations.

As a negotiation organisation, YTN does not participate in the political demonstrations of Akava or other central organisations. YTN affiliates decide on participation in these independently.

The following YTN affiliates have announced their participation in the demonstration coordinated by Akava on 6 February 2024:

Finnish Association of Academic Agronomists
Akava Special Branches
DIFF – Ingenjörerna i Finland
Union of Professional Engineers in Finland
Union of Technical Professionals KTK
Union of Professionals in Natural, Environmental and Forestry Sciences Loimu
Finnish Pharmacists’ Association
Finnish Psychological Association
Finnish Association of Occupational Health Nurses
Finnish Union of University Researchers and Teachers
Professionals of Business and Technology
Social Science Professionals

In the participating cities (Turku, Tampere and the Helsinki Metropolitan Area), some of the members of the YTN affiliates are participating in Akava’s demonstrations. Each YTN affiliate will inform its members in more detail. Please contact your own union directly!

What should I do during the demonstrations coordinated by Akava?

– If you are a member of a YTN affiliate who has stated their participation in the demonstration coordinated by Akava, you will participate in the demonstrations.
– If you are a member of a YTN affiliate who is not involved in Akava’s activities, you should continue with your own tasks through the demonstration.
– The aforementioned instructions also apply to YTN’s employee representatives.

What should I do during demonstrations by other federations of unions or trade unions?

– As a negotiation organisation, YTN is not involved in political demonstrations organised by other unions.
– YTN affiliates decide independently on their participation in demonstrations. Each union informs its members of possible industrial action.

What is a political demonstration?

– A political demonstration is aimed at political decision-makers, not employers.
– Political demonstrations are legal measures, and everyone ultimately decides on their own participation. Employers cannot prohibit participation.
– Employees may participate in the demonstrations during working hours, and participation in them cannot lead to the termination of employment or other consequences. However, no salary is paid for the period of absence.
– State civil servants may not, by law, take part in any industrial action that is not related to the collective agreement during their working hours.

What is YTN’s position on the Government’s working-life entries?

YTN does not approve of the Finnish Government’s attempt to change the agreement and negotiation system without proper impact assessments and tripartite negotiations. The Government’s proposals are missing all elements that would improve and balance the position of employees.

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