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Principles for a safer space

YTN’s principles for a safer space and guidelines for dealing with harassment – working group (13.9.2023)

YTN’s principle is mutual respect and respect for privacy. At all of our events – whether remotely or in attendance – we follow this guideline to ensure an equal and safe space.

We all make mistakes and may unintentionally offend others. The most important thing is to try to understand why the other person has felt offended by your actions and to apologize.

These guidelines are meant to help us all pay attention to each other and create a good atmosphere, so that everyone can be themselves.


  • Always be mindful of other people. Let the other person finish their sentence before speaking yourself. We let everyone participate in their own way; it is also allowed to be quiet.
  • Be aware of the generalizations you make and the assumptions you may have. Do not determine the gender or sexual orientation, ethnicity, age, or any other background of others. We allow everyone to define themselves, or not to define themselves.
  • Be respectful, hear and listen. Do not ask personal questions, such as background, gender, family relationships, illnesses, etc.
  • Openly treat others as they are. Remember that you cannot know someone else’s experiences, thoughts, or life situation.
  • Do not embarrass or criticize the appearance of others.
  • Do not touch another person without their permission.

Comfort and well-being

  • Make sure that everyone gets to be heard and involved, if they wish.
  • Respect the boundaries and personal space of others.
  • Explain the terms and difficult concepts you use, as well as those used by others.
  • If you need help or support, ask for it.
  • Please do not use fragrances when attending our events.


  • Our operation is non-discriminatory. We do not tolerate homophobia, racism, sexism, transphobia, chauvinism, or any other form of discrimination. This applies to everything that we do, whether it’s events, forums, or webinars.
  • Avoid discriminatory stereotypes in your behavior or speech at all times.

We do our best to make sure that all of our events are safe for everyone.

Each of us has a responsibility to make sure that everyone feels comfortable and safe. Build an open, respectful and safe atmosphere with your own actions.

If you witness or experience inappropriate behavior, intervene in the situation. Also let us know if you have any concerns. You can reach out to our harassment contact person.

By attending YTN events, you agree to these principles for a safer space. If a person does not comply with the principles or behaves inappropriately, he or she may be removed from YTN’s event. YTN may also ban a person from attending its events if they behave inappropriately.

Harassment contact person

A harassment contact person is a support person who can be contacted if he or she feels that he or she has been subjected to inappropriate treatment, such as harassment, bullying or discrimination. Harassment contact persons are responsible for advising, supporting and helping. The harassment contact person is not a judge, but can help move forward in situations. They also receive reports of harassment, which happen at YTN’s events. The conversations with the harassment contact person are always completely confidential and will not be recorded without the explicit will of the reporter.

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