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YTN architectural design sector: collective agreement and wage settlement to enter into force

The new collective agreement for the architectural design sector has been approved by the administrations of unions. The collective agreement enters into force on 10 March. The parties to the agreement are the Federation of Professional and Managerial Staff YTN, the Service Sector Employers Palta and the Association of Finnish Architects’ Offices ATL.

The agreement is generally applicable, which means that it is followed by all businesses in the sector and it is applied to each employment relationship in the sector.

The most significant change in the text is related to equal parental leave. The agreement will provide both parents with 32 working days of paid leave and the parent giving birth with an additional 40 working days of paid pregnancy leave. The duration of the leave previously known as paternity leave was only six working days.

To counterbalance the family leave, the lay-off notice period will be shortened to seven days. Holiday pay paid in addition to holiday compensation to a person whose employment has been terminated for reasons beyond their control will also be removed.

Wage settlement provides good basis for local agreements

The agreement’s wage settlement provides an opportunity for good local agreements. If a wage settlement cannot be agreed upon or the parties do not wish to make a local agreement, the collective agreement guarantees everyone the following increases:

In 2023, everyone will receive a lump sum of 12.5% of their monthly salary in February, including fringe benefits. Any unpaid absences in February do not affect the amount of the instalment. For part-time employees, the lump sum is calculated in according to the ratio between the agreed working time and the full working time.  The employer can decide whether the whole lump sum is paid in April or half in April and half later, at the latest in October. The general increase in hourly and monthly wages in April is 3.0%. The share of the workplace-specific quota provided by the employer is 0.5%.

In 2024, the agreement guarantees a general increase of 1.3% for everyone, with a workplace-specific quota of 1.2%.

The overall cost impact of the two-year solution is 7% for the agreement period. The share of general increases is 4.3%.

The new collective agreement will be available on the YTN website later.

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