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Almost one thousand new members to YTN



YTN has received nearly a thousand new members in October.

The strike in the technology industry has kept well. Depending on the company 75-100 percent of the professional and managerial staff has stayed at home.

– We in the YTN wonder, why the employer is not willing to offer us the same salary structure and salary increases as in Metalworkers’ Union and Pro’s agreemenet, said Chairman Heikki Kauppi from YTN.

– To end the strike, we want that all groups in the technology industry should be treated equally and fairly. Also our problems with the compensation of the travelling outside of working hours must be determined.

Ongoing strike concerns in the first phase, approximately 10 000 senior officials.

The strike threatens to expand on the 7th of November to new companies like Nokia, among others, if consensus is not reached before then. The second phase of the strike covers around 25 000 professional and managerial staff officials.

Conciliation of the labour dispute of senior salaried employees in technology industries will continue on Sunday the 6th of November by National Conciliator Esa Lonka.

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