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Conciliation continues on Sunday



Conciliation of the labour dispute of senior salaried employees in technology industries will continue on Sunday the 6th of November by National Conciliator Esa Lonka.

The professional and managerial staff strike is going on well. Greetings from the “gates” tells us that people have joined the strike and stayed home all over the companies in strike and even better than on the first strike day.

This is a strong message to The Federation of Finnish Technology Industries: we want equal and decent treatment for the professional and managerial staff.

YTN shall pay strike pay of 50 euros for all those YTN-members in strike and also for those Pro’s and Metalworker’s Union’s members in professional and managerial tasks who are in strike.

If the strike would drag on OP, Nordea and Sampo Pankki grant strike loan with slightly better margins than normal. Check loan terms in Finnish.

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