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Strike began this morning



Senior salaried employees in technology industry began their first strike in history this morning. Greetings from the “gates” are good: people have joined the strike and stayed home all over the companies in strike. The more effective the strike is the sooner it will end.

There are already few photos on Facebook! It is not necessary to join facebook in order to see the facebook page.

News on the strike have been on the morning papers, TV and radio and several shop stewards in technology industry have had the chance to share their views on the reasons behind the strike. Well done everybody!

The strike shall give the employers a message that senior salaried employees cannot be treated worse than other staff groups no more.

Only senior salaried employees have to settle with local increases divided unilaterally by the employer. The proposal included a general increase of 1,6 % and the local increase of 0,8% to be divided by the employer to whom they wish.

Federation of Professional and Managerial Staff YTN must ensure adequate wage increases to all its’ members. This shall only be secured by general increases and local increases that shall be paid to everyone unless a local agreement is not reached.

Senior salaried employees deserve compensation for travelling outside of working hours just like other staff groups.

It is our turn!

Form for strike pay on the webpage

Form for strike pay can be found on the YTN webpage . Strike pay is 50 euros per working day.

Strike pay is paid for those union members that are on strike. Also those members of Pro which work is a senior salaried employee’s work is entitled to strike pay.

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