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You can now apply for strike allowance

Strike allowance is a compensation paid by YTN to members who are not receiving earned income because of a strike. A member who joined a YTN affiliate before the strike can apply for the allowance.

The strike allowance is paid for the working days in the work schedule. For strikes within the technology industry and design sector, the strike allowance is EUR 70/strike day minus taxes, i.e. EUR 51.10/day. YTN withholds taxes from the allowance and reports the strike allowances to the Tax Administration. Maintenance obligation does not affect the amount of strike allowance.

Student members are paid strike allowance according the each affiliate’s policy. You can ask for more information from your YTN affiliate.

Here you can find information how to apply for strike allowance by using the electronic form (in 2019). The link will take you to Telia’s website. You need your online banking IDs or a mobile ID to sign in.

Strike allowances are paid when the strike ends in January once the member’s membership and strike days have been controlled. Those who participate in the salaried employee and employee collective agreement strikes can also apply for strike allowance by using YTN’s system.


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