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YTN Negotiations: Results for the Federation of Finnish Technology Industries



YTN – Federation of Professional and Managerial Staff and the Federation of Finnish Technology Industries reached an outcome on negotiations for
their collective labour agreement just before midnight on Monday, 24 August.

The negotiation results observe the salary increase achieved as an outcome of negotiations between the Finnish Metalworkers’ Union and the Federation of Finnish Technology Industries.

Professional and managerial staff have a 0.5 percent increase on offer this autumn, which should in arranging matters locally be paid by the end of the year
at the latest. If local agreement is not obtained, the increase will be paid in December as a general increase.

A new three-year contract would come into effect on 1 October 2009. The October salary inspections for 2010 and 2011 will be negotiated in April-May of each year. Under these conditions, the contract may also be cancelled.

No great changes were made to the texts – no specific improvements nor weaknesses. The position of the chief shop steward will, however, grow in importance.

“The outcome of negotiations can, under these circumstances, be regarded as a defence victory. With a moderate salary increase, the attempt is to protect the purchasing power of members and help business enterprises in the field to maintain jobs,” says Pertti Porokari, main negotiator and vice-chairperson of YTN – Federation of Professional and Managerial Staff.

“On the other hand, our hands are not tied. This long three-year contract can also be terminated,” he states.

The negotiation results are still going to YTN’s auxiliary group and board for deliberation. The final decision will be made by the YTN board after hearing the auxiliary group on 16 September.

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