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The finance industry comprises the finance and insurance sectors where approximately 10,000 members of the YTN unions work in various expert and superior jobs.

We negotiate the collective labour agreement of the finance industry together with Finanssialan FA (Finance Finland (FFI)) and Service Sector Employers Palta representing employers and with STTK’s (the Finnish Confederation of Professionals STTK) Ammattiliitto Pro (Trade Union Pro) and Ammattiliitto Nousu (Trade Union Nousu) representing employees. At the workplace level, YTN’s roles are to be contact persons and staff associations who are parties to local agreeing.

The collective labour agreement of the insurance industry is negotiated by Finance Finland (FFI) and Vakuutusväen Liitto VvL ry (the Union of Insurance Employees in Finland). At the workplace level, the matters of YTN’s members are lobbied by company-specific staff associations.

To promote specifically the matters of YTN finance sectors’ members, the preparation of the negotiation objectives and other matters takes place in the background groups composed by actives of workplaces. The background group is composed of shop stewards, contact persons and staff association actives working in the field.

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