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Private laboratory industry

The senior salaried employees working in the industry are, among other things, chemists, biologists and Masters of Science in Technology.

The salaried employees’ collective labour agreement in the private laboratory industry is valid from 1 February 2018 to 31 January 2021. The collective labour agreement is applied in the terms of employment of senior salaried employees and salaried employees in the companies in the sector.

The collective labour agreement covers approximately 130 YTN union members.

The scope of application of the collection labour agreement mainly contains:

  • food laboratories
  • environmental laboratories
  • laboratories serving the industry

The companies within the scope of application have as main business, among other things:

  • laboratory tests
  • other scientific research and development
  • other technical testing and analysis

The companies in the sector are engaged in service operations and the scientific field in the background is chemistry and microbiology.

The government and municipalities have privatized, and private companies have outsourced their laboratory activities in the 21st century. As a result, a group of laboratories belonging to the private service sectors has been born, which serve both the private and the public sectors. Laboratories perform all kinds of analytics and tests, which, for example, relate to food and environmental studies and/or industrial processes.

The largest employers in the industry are

  • Eurofins Scientific Finland Oy
  • Kokemäenjoen Vesistön Vesiensuojeluyhdistys ry
  • Länsi-Uudenmaan vesi ja ympäristö ry
  • Nab Labs Oy
  • Savo-Karjalan Ympäristötutkimus Oy
  • SGS Inspection Services
  • Yhtyneet Medix laboratoriot Oy
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