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Graphic industry

Publishing and graphic industry of the sector

The sector can be roughly divided into

  • the graphic industry; printing and functions serving printing
  • publishing (production of culture-related content)
  • newspaper and magazine publishing
  • new media
  • recording communications (records, videos and movies)
  • the Internet business
  • communications and advertising agencies
  •  electronic public communications (Yle and MTV) are within YTN’s service sector.

The industry contains over 2,000 companies. They employ 22,000 persons. Approximately 850 companies operate in the graphic industry. In 2016, fewer than 7,000 worked in the graphic industry whereas ten years earlier in 2005 their number was still almost 12,000.

Finnmedia’s member companies have approximately 2,000 senior salaried employees. The majority of the companies are small or medium-sized companies. In the whole of Europe, the industry is mainly made up of small companies; in Finland, two thirds of companies have under five persons. On the other hand, the ten largest companies employ 43% of the whole personnel in the industry and cover over the half of the turnover in it.


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