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Chemical industry

The chemical industry is the third largest in YTN. The senior salaried employees of the industry have had a collective labour agreement since 2010. Nine officially registered staff associations operate in YTN’s chemical industry.

The senior salaried employees in the chemical industry are more often found in middle management than in the entire YTN (entire YTN in brackets).

  • Top management and management 10% (12%)
  • Higher middle management 20% (14%)
  • Lower middle management 11% (9%)
  • Expert 54% (59%)
  • Salaried employee 5% (6%)

In the chemical industry, the biggest grievances in the employment terms of senior salaried employees relate to the compensation for overtime work and the time used travelling for business purposes. Read more

Collective labour agreement

The minutes of the senior salaried employees of the chemical industry is a generally binding collective labour agreement, which means that also the unorganised chemical industry companies of the employer union Kemianteollisuus ry (the Chemical Industry Federation of Finland) must comply with the terms and conditions of the agreement. Approximately 8,000 senior salaried employees are within the scope of the collective labour agreement.

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