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Forest industry

YTN forest industry

The forest industry employs approximately 4,000 senior salaried employees. The number of senior salaried employees in the paper industry is under 3,000, in the mechanical forestry industry under 1,000 and in the carpentry industry approximately 300.

Persons working in demanding director, manager and expert assignments are determined as senior salaried employees. However, the senior salaried employees do not belong to the top management of a company. The top management is deemed to contain the members of steering committees whose employment terms are agreed in a director service agreement.

The people working in the forest industry are more experienced than the average of YTN’s other industries; also, working as superiors is more common. According to YTN data, 39 per cent of the persons working in the forest industry are in expert positions and 42 per cent in middle management. The median age in the forest industry is 42 years and the years at work on average 15.

The workplaces of senior salaried employees are located all over Finland. The biggest work areas are Uusimaa, Southeast Finland and Häme. The biggest employers are the forest industry groups UPM-Kymmene, Stora Enso and Metsä Group. In addition to them, dozens of smaller employers operate in the sector.

Most of the employers are members of Metsäteollisuus ry (the Finnish Forest Industries Federation). The Finnish Forest Industries Federation is not a member union of the Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK).


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