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IT services industry

YTN IT services industry – Finland breathes the code

The IT services industry is one of the fastest growing and attractive sectors within Finland’s industry.

Almost 60,000 persons work in the field, for example, in the following sectors:

  • Software development and consultancy
  • Server and database solutions
  • Mobile applications
  • Game designing and production
  • IT hardware and consultancy
  • Repair and service of point-of-sale systems
  • Virtual and added reality
  • Artificial intelligence


The biggest employers in Finland are, among other things, CGI, Tieto, F-Secure, Fujitsu, Rovio, Accenture, Supercell and Digia.

The IT services industry has a comprehensive and generally binding collective labour agreement. The agreement is valid 20.2.2020 – 30.11.2021.

Collective labour agreement

The generally binding collective labour agreement in the IT services industry is valid 20.2.2020 – 30.11.2021. The contracting parties representing employees are the Federation of Professional and Managerial Staff – YTN and Tietoala ry (Association of IT sector employees) as well as  the Federation of Finnish Technology Industries representing employers.

The generally binding nature of the collective labour agreement means that also companies not belonging to an employer union must comply with the agreement. Due to that, all employees in the industry are within the collective labour agreement.

Among other things, the following has been agreed on in the collective labour agreement of the IT services industry:

  • Minimum wages
  • Working hours
  • Overtime work
  • Sick leave
  • Compensation for travelling time
  • Standby
  • Other remuneration


Thanks to the collective labour agreement, an employee in the industry has, among other things, a right to three-month paid maternity leave, to receive pay when taking care of a sick child and to pay even during military refresher courses. Even though the collective labour agreement is comprehensive, it still provides quite an extensive possibility to agree on matters locally at a company level.

Click here to see the difference between the entries in the collective labour agreement and the labour legislation.

In the scope of the collective labour agreement, it is defined more exactly to which companies and to whom the entries of the agreement are applicable. The scope of application of the collective labour agreement is explained in section 1 of the agreement.

Section 1 Scope of application

  1. This collective agreement lays down the terms of employment for employees working for IT service sector companies.
  2. In this collective agreement, IT service sector companies refer to companies primarily engaged in the provision of IT services such as IT processing services, services performed by employees, software products and total system deliveries. Companies may also engage in sales, maintenance and installation.
  3. This agreement does not apply to the company management or persons who represent the employer in negotiations over terms of employment for employees covered by this agreement.

Collective agreement of the IT service sector 2020–2021

 YTN IT services industry’s collective agreement 2020-2021


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