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ICT sector

In the ICT sector, the senior salaried employees are, among other things, employed by teleoperators, phone companies, network building and maintenance undertakings as well as in some IT sector companies.

The main companies in the ICT sector are the teleoperators Telia, Elisa and DNA. Other companies within the industry are, for example, Cinia, Eltel Networks, Empower and Relacom. YTN represents over 3,000 experts and superiors in the industry.

The employers’ union is Service Sector Employers Palta. The senior salaried employees have their own collective labour agreement.

The task of the ICT sector background group is to function as the expert group within the questions in their sector. The group prepares the contractual targets of their sector and assesses whether the negotiation results achieved are acceptable. The group is also responsible for the support readiness of the negotiation activity and follows the development of the employment terms of the industry.


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