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Strike allowance

The last day of the post-application for strike allowance is 26 April 2023. After this, please contact your union regarding the strike allowance application.


How do I apply for strike allowance? This page provides instructions on how to apply for strike allowance.

Information about strike allowance

  • Strike allowance is a compensation paid by YTN affiliates to members who are not receiving earned income because of a strike. A member who joined a YTN affiliate before the strike can apply for the allowance. Simply being a member of an unemployment fund (for example, KOKO, YTK) does not entitle you to strike allowance.
  • Strike allowance is paid for the working days in the work schedule.
  • The payment of strike allowance is based on the strike allowance form and being on strike for the whole duration of the strike (see the section How to apply for strike allowance for more detailed instructions).
  • YTN withholds taxes and reports the strike allowances to the Tax Administration.
  • Student members are paid strike allowance in accordance with the policy of each union. Contact your own union!
  • Strike allowance is paid after the strike has ended, once the applicant’s membership details and days on strike have been verified.
  • YTN’s Executive Board has decided on a recommendation for a strike allowance of EUR 80 per day. For more detailed information, contact your union.

How to apply for strike allowance

Only members of YTN’s member unions can apply for the allowance. You can apply for the allowance in the actual application process and in the post-application process. Please only apply for the allowance once!

First, carefully read the instructions:

  • Choose the right strike.
  • Fill in the application all the days you were on strike. Apply for allowance only on days when you would have had a working day.
  • If you wish, you will receive a confirmation of your application by email. You can see the applications you have submitted in the e-service in your own information.
  • If necessary, you can modify your application while the application process is open. Do not make multiple applications!
  • Applications for strike allowance are processed in your union and your membership details are verified.
  • Please note that we may ask you for a salary certificate showing the unpaid days.
  • You can apply for the allowance in the actual application process and in the post-application process. Please only apply for the allowance once!

Link: Fill in the strike allowance application here

Fill in the online application form at The link will take you to Telia’s website. Sign in with your online banking IDs or a mobile ID.

After the application process has ended, it may take several working days for your strike allowance application to be processed, depending on the number of applications and the inspection rate of your union. Please be prepared that it may take several weeks to receive strike allowance.

In the case of strike allowance, we withhold the advance withholding in accordance with Section 88 of the Income Tax Act and the decision of the Tax Administration. The withholding percentage of the daily strike compensation of EUR 80 is 35 per cent for the part exceeding EUR 16. A tax card is not required.

If you have any questions, please contact us:

More information

  • Frequently asked questions related to the strike can be found here.
  • More information about the state of negotiations can be found on our website (in Finnish) and our social media channels on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Your questions will be answered by our advisors in charge of contract branches. In addition, you can contact the shop stewards of senior salaried employees of your own company.
  • Our service number is +358 (0)9 427 277 66 or you can contact us by email at The opening hours here.
  • We will also send sector-specific newsletters to members of YTN affiliates. Make sure that your contact and workplace information are up to date in your union’s membership register!
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