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Federation of Finnish Technology Industries negotiation outcome



The Federation of Professional and Managerial Staff (YTN) and Federation of Finnish Technology Industries achieved an outcome in their negotiations for a collective employment agreement for the period 2014-2016. The outcome of the negotiation is based on the agreement for employment and growth negotiated in August between the central organisations.

In chief negotiator Ismo Kokko’s view, the most significant step forward is entering time into working time banks, which allows senior staff a clearer way to take advantage of all their hours worked, for example by taking time off work in compensation.

Other significant improvements as a result of the negotiations can be seen in union representative activities, equality and well-being at work. The salary solution will comply with the employment and growth agreement.

YTN’s Board will discuss the negotiation outcome, along with the results of other sectors, at the same time at the meeting to be held on 25 October.

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